Opening CommentsBryan Cantrill

Roger's :procRyan Zezeski

Life of an Airline Flight: What Systems Get You From Here to There via the AirAdam Fletcher

Man, 'splained: 40-Plus Years of Man Page HistoryBreanne Boland

Persistent Virtual Memory in the Great New Operating System In the SkyJames Larkby-Lahet

Less Ado About NTPBryan Fink

Weenix: The system that inspired generations of systems loversJordan Hendricks

The Charming Genius of the Apollo Guidance ComputerBrian Troutwine

I. Love. BGP.Richard Kiene

Interrupts, that which scared DjikstraIrfan Ahmad

Lessons from the Cell: What Software Developers Can Learn From Biochemical SystemsSarah Lohmeier

The Design of the UNIX TerminalJesse Hathaway

A Race Detector UnfurledKavya Joshi

Down memory lane: Two decades with the slab allocatorBryan Cantrill

DNS and the Art of Making Systems "Just Complex Enough"Alex Wilson

“You are Not Expected to Understand This”, But You WillArun Thomas

UTF-8Daniel Morsing

An AWK love storyCody Mello

Card-Based Systems: On the Complex, Tactile, and Material Qualities of Cards in ComputingAmelia Abreu

Closing CommentsBryan Cantrill